Friday, January 16, 2009

NORTHWEST AUSTIN HOMES: Houses are more attractive when the seller is procative!

NORTHWEST AUSTIN HOMES: What helps a home to sell? Well for one, a proactive seller. There are many different types of home is all different areas with a variety of features but there is one type of home that always sells and that is a home that is ready to go on the market. Sometimes I work with sellers for 6 months or a year before they plan to place their home on the market. This includes consulting them on repairs that they can work on over time to have the home look great in time for showings. In my experience, a seller that spends a little time and money getting their home prepared to sell, gets offers quickly and get the maximum amount that their home is worth in the market. This becomes particularly important in a buyers market. When there are more homes on the market and less buyers, every showing is important. There are a few advantages that a proactive seller has when selling their house..

-Smart repairs and updates actually retain or add more value to a home than the cost associated.
Money saving repairs and updates are items that can be easily done to have a property appear a bit more appealing to a prospective buyer. This can include painting or replacing wallpaper, repairing, stretching or installing new carpet, and addressing landscaping or curb appeal issues. The other thing is that if you as a seller do not repair the items, you are essentially leaving it to the buyer to decide what they think the repair/update will cost. Often times carpet can be replaced for around $3000 but a buyer is more likely to want to take $10,000+ off of their offer if they are going to have to replace the carpet. The same can be said for paint. Painting your home is one of the cheapest updates you can do that will have a drastic difference in how your home shows.

-The property looks great for any and all showings.
By addressing items that may stand out to a buyer as a negative allows the buyer to have only positive responses to the home. The ideal situation for a showing is when a buyer arrives at the house and thinks it looks great from the curb and as they are walking through the property, they picture themselves living there. When there is bad carpet or dated wallpaper, the buyer tends to notice other "dated" parts of the home.

-The seller doesn't have to "chase the market".
By making changes like addressed above, the home is showing great and each buyer is face with a home that is appealing. Honestly, there are a lot of homes on the market that are unappealing. This makes your property stick a good way! Even if there are homes that are a similar size, age, and location to your home, buyers will want to look at your home and they are more likely to put an offer on your home. Buying a home is a very emotional decision. Getting your home ready and presentable is the best way to play toward a buyer's emotion. By looking better than the competition, you eliminate the competition!

These advantages along with having a strategic approach to sell a home makes a huge difference. The sellers that I have worked with in the past that were proactive can attest to that!

Posted by Brian W Martin REALTOR for The Pinnacle Group of Keller Williams. Brian loves working with home owners to get the most money possible when selling their Northwest Austin Homes.

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