Friday, December 5, 2008


NORTHWEST AUSTIN REAL ESTATE is bucking the national trend right now. Historically slow time in other parts of the country gives us a lot of national news that makes buyers and sellers weary of doing anything real estate related. Well, in Austin, Sellers are still selling and buyers are still buying. This brought up an idea for a blog post. We focus so much on how to sell your house or how to get the best price selling your house but, what happens when your prospective house is under contract?? Time to move...

I personally have a good amount of moving experience. It is definitly a task. I often get asked for recommendations when it comes to movers but recently was asked by the owners of one of my listings for any resources for boxes. I understand this question all too well. Of course he wasn't asking where the boxes are, anyone can spend a ton of money buying boxes from uhaul or a "box place". He wanted to know how to save some money and still safely pack their belongings. I started by telling him that I had a personal stash of boxes, wardrobe boxes, moving blankets and even a furniture dolly in my attic. I offered these to him to borrow and he gladly accepted. Later in the day, he stopped by and I helped him load the supplies in his car. There are some good resources if you dont know someone with their own stash.

-Watch the free section on search "boxes" they go quick so you may miss out if you are casually looking. Some people also sell gently used boxes on craigslist. Thats cool if you dont mind going to someones house in the hopes that the boxes are actually "good" boxes.

-I was told there are decent deals at Home Depot.

-I have had some sucess by calling the local market or even supermarket and asking to speak to the manager. It is best to speak to the overnight/morning manager. Let them know your situation and see if they can keep some boxes for you. If you dont call they will bale all of the boxes they have from re-stocking before you wake up. The main thing with this idea is to not wait until the day you want to pack. Start early!

-Today I came across They not only have new boxes but used boxes, box kits and free next day delivery in Austin for orders over $95. Otherwise you can pick up in Round Rock near Mopac and 35 or in Del Valle.

I really like the idea of used boxes because boxes can be used numerous times and it is a good way to prevent waste and save a bunch of money. The boxes that I stash in my attic have been used a few times and they have plenty of life left. I will gladly loan them out again. If you have a chance to check out ecobox or have other ideas, let me know.

Posted by Brian W Martin REALTOR for The Pinnacle Group of Keller Williams truly enjoys Assisting home owners to sell a house in Northwest Austin, TX

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  1. Another great resource for buyers and sellers in Northwest Austin. I'm going to pass this on to my clients too,