Saturday, May 10, 2008

NORTHWEST AUSTIN HOMES: Web sites changing how we buy and sell houses

" in her price range that are sent to her automatically from her agent's Web site. When she sees something interesting, her agent sends her the full listing. Rarely do they speak on the phone."

In todays Real Estate marketplace, the internet is a great vehicle for interactioon between a REALTOR and a home buyer or home seller. I use automated searches for my clients that are in the market for a home. I ask questions of the home buyer to find out exactly what they are looking for and develop a list of criteria and set up an MLS search that finds homes that meet their criteria. When new listings come on the market, clients are updated with the new information sent directly to their email. If something looks interesting, we set up a time that works for them and we see the homes in person.

I am suprised when I get phone calls from my listings that already have a pending contract. By law, I am required to ask if they are working with an agent. If they say yes, it makes me wonder what has happened. Does the agent not know how to set up a search that alerts a client when a property is new on the market? Why would a buyer work with an agent like that? In some areas, homes are on the market less than two weeks. If a buyer can be notified quickly when a new property is available, they will be able to react quickly.

For sellers, I get feedback from agents that bring their clients to my listings and ask questions about their opinion and the prospective buyers opinions of the home. This helps my client, the seller, make any nessisary changes that they have not already made and may bring to light any concerns of a prospective buyer. If the concern is a misunderstanding of some kind, I can contact the agent and explain what is going on.

If you are thinking of buying a home get in touch with me and I can set up a search to help you find the perfect home.
Posted by Brian Martin. Brian is a REALTOR with the Pinnacle Group of Keller Williams. Brian embraces technological advances in Real Estate that allow them to find the perfect home.

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